Online Airline Booking System - Multiple Vulnerabilities








Exploit Title : Online Airline Booking System multiple vulnerabilities
Author         : WICS
Date             : 05/1/2016
Software Link  :
Affected Version: All
The Online Airline Booking System is designed to be an all in one solution for an airline wishing to speed up and save money compared to a traditional booking system. It consists simply of a server-side web application combined powerful backend database to provide the user with a highly accessible system
 1. Authentication Bypass
Vulnerability exist in admin panel authentication mechanism due to use of $_COOKIE['LoggedIn'] , as $_COOKIE variable can be manipulated by user 
so any user can login to admin panel without knowing username password
line no. 2          if(!isset($_COOKIE['LoggedIn'])) die("You are not logged in!");

Just set cookie value LoggedIn=yes in request header and web application will let you login.
like this 
Cookie: LoggedIn=yes

2. Application Reinstallation
install.php is the page which can be used for application reinstallation.
open link 

a form will appear, first text field is for new admin username and second field is for new password of web application
proceed with installation and web application will setup with new attacker supplied admin username password