PLC Wireless Router GPN2.4P21-C-CN - Cross-Site Scripting







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# Exploit Title: PLC Wireless Router GPN2.4P21-C-CN -Reflected XSS 
# Date: 21/12/2018
# Exploit Author: Kumar Saurav
# Reference:
# Vendor: ChinaMobile
# Category: Hardware
# Version: GPN2.4P21-C-CN (Firmware: W2001EN-00)
# Tested on: Multiple
# CVE : CVE-2018-20326

#Description: PLC Wireless Router's are vulnerable to a Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS).With this attack, the threat actor can steal cookies, session id, username or other sensitive information redirect an innocent victim to a malicious website, thus compromising the user. 

Reproduction Steps:
Step 1: Go to Wi-fi Router Gateway ( in my case)
Step 2: Login as Username and Password
Step 3: After Login below url will be shown 
Step 4: Insert the payload "<script>alert("XSS-Saurav")</script>" at the end of the above mentinoed url and hit enter
Step 5: On execution of the payload, it will be popped up  as "XSS-Saurav"